Here is a summary of the services we offer:

We use a variety of assessments to determine where a child’s strengths and weaknesses lie.

A speech-language therapy assessment may consist of any of the following, depending on your child’s age and needs:

  • Oral motor examination: this assesses the child’s oral structure, movement, function and muscle strength.  It also assesses the presence of hypersensitivity / hyposensitivity of the mouth.
  • Feeding/swallowing assessment: this assessment typically takes the form of a questionnaire, discussion as well as direct assessment. If you, as a parent, are concerned about your child’s feeding, chewing and/or swallowing patterns or behaviours, the Speech Therapist will do an assessment of the child’s current feeding and swallowing patterns, from the amount of saliva production, to the swallowing reflex and time for the swallow to take place. Food consistency and texture of food are also discussed. Chewing during the oral phase of feeding will be assessed.
  • Speech assessment: the child’s speech is assessed in terms of intelligibility and repertoire of speech sounds.
  • Language assessment: the child’s receptive (understanding) and expressive (spoken) language is assessed using various formal and informal assessment tools. Such an assessment can also look at the use of language in social situations such as with peers/groups etc.
  • Auditory processing assessment: the child’s auditory processing is assessed for signs of auditory processing disorder.
  • Literacy: the child’s phonological awareness skills and/or reading and writing abilities are assessed.


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