Speech and Language Therapy at ATLAS Training - A Team Approach

We believe that the premise behind learning is FUN! A child-friendly and very stimulating environment welcomes and hosts your child for his/her therapy session. Various toys, equipment and games are available for therapy. The speech therapist will integrate the aims of the session into games and activities which occupy and stimulate the child, so while s/he is learning s/he is also playing.

ATLAS Training uses primarily individual therapy to ensure that each session is uniquely tailored to each child. Each session is planned in advance specifically for each child and using family-directed goals as the guidelines for treatment.

At ATLAS Training, our Speech Therapists are support by a team of professionals who help enhance their service. Since many factors can affect a child’s ability to communicate and interact with the world, the team approach is important to promoting a child’s skills. Here are just 2 examples:

For children who have difficulties with their self-esteem, initiating and maintaining conversations may be overwhelming. The Play Therapist, who uses expressive arts to allow a child to resolve emotional distress, can help build the child’s self-esteem.

For children who have attention issues, following directions and processing information may be challenged by their poor attention skills. The Occupational Therapist, who uses a variety of sensory strategies, can help a child with internal modulation and attention.

Thus, using a team approach at ATLAS Training, we can help children build on their interaction skills as well as underlying factors, all under one roof, in an integrated programme.