In today’s climate, all teachers will encounter children with special needs on a daily basis despite limited training in this area. Most of these teachers are dedicated teachers with large classes and limited time to manage the challenges of these children, despite their best intentions.

Here are some important statistics:

In every class of 30 children:

  • 2-4.5 children will have Sensory Processing Disorder (SPD) (Miller, 2006)
  • 1-5 children will have dyslexia (Shaywitz & Shaywitz, 2007)
  • 1-2 children will have dyspraxia (Ralph, 2006)
  • Up to 1 child may have Autistic Spectrum Disorder (ASD) or Asperger’s Syndrome (DES, 2001)

We offer a wide range of services which include:

  • Education and courses to suit the needs of individuals, organisations and schools
  • Assessment of each child’s strengths and weaknesses
  • Consultation for curriculum design and adaptation
  • Consultation for IEPs
  • Treatment of each child’s specific needs (either in the school or in the clinic)
  • Holiday Intensive Programmes to provide intensive input during the school holidays
  • Home/School Programmes to allow parents/teachers to contribute towards meeting the needs of each child

ATLAS Training has years of experience running courses for teachers, resource teachers, and SNAs. We know that teachers, resource teachers and SNAs are the front-line staff for promoting education in children with special educational needs. We also know that there is a dearth of courses available and many are unaffordable and often inconvenient.

This is why ATLAS Training offers a series of practical, affordable courses to equip teachers with knowledge and skills that they can use on a daily basis in the classroom.

In order for our courses to best meet your needs, we are doing a brief survey to plan our future courses. Please take a few minutes to fill in this form.

ATLAS Training also supplies some products that are particularly useful for promoting academic skills or behaviour in the classroom. Click here to find out more.